Veritas Prep Fraud Exposed

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Chad Troutwine and Markus Moberg, two strange bedfellows who are the principals of Connecticut LLC named Veritas LLC, have been operating Veritas Prep from California ILLEGALLY since 2002 by breaking the laws of California. These two con men now claim that Veritas Prep has 400+ employees whereas, by last count, the company has only 4 employees. Chad and Markus are shameless fraudsters!

Chad Troutwine, porno movie-maker & a congenital liar, has been the author of many fraudulent claims since the Chad-Markus duo started operating illegally in California. Chad Troutwine fraudulently claims to be an 'attorney'. Markus Moberg, the 'sleeping partner' in Veritas Prep assumed a submissive role in this bizarre marriage. Scott Shrum, Santa's little helper, hangs around Eric Bahn's Beatthegmat & peddles bollux about Veritas Prep GMAT courses.

Veritas' Fraudulent claims

The mother of all fraudulent claims advanced by Veritas Prep LLC is that some of Veritas Prep instructors are ex-Harvard and MIT professors. This is a clear, unmitigated lie. Here is a list of other fraudulent claims, hoax, & deliberate lies that Veritas LLC has been making since it started operating Veritas Prep GMAT illegally from Malibu, CA:

Veritas Prep Fraud, Lies, Scams exposed


Veritas Prep runs some of its GMAT classes in which the instructors do not show up, and cancels GMAT classes more frequently than any other GMAT prep company does. Most of Veritas instructors have not taken the GMAT or scored in the 99th percentile: The instructor who taught the Tysons Corner class in Virginia admitted to the group that he was a SAT tutor and had not taken the GMAT ever. Chris Kane, who teaches Veritas Prep GMAT class in New York is a rock climbing instructor who has never taken the GMAT, Frankie Beecroft who teaches Veritas Prep GMAT course in Chicago has never taken the GMAT and has never been to Business school. Veritas Prep GMAT is a shameless fraudster that will lie about everything to steal your money. Do not be punked by Veritas Prep fraudulent claims.

Veritas Prep is a fraudster that does not disclose that none of the "15 tests" it allegedly supplies is proprietary to it or that Veritas GMAT purchases all GMAT tests from other companies like Veritas prep hires its tutors on the basis of phone interviews, FedExes the 'booklets' and makes them teach GMAT classes. You are then required to let the company know whether the GMAT tutor Veritas prep hired 'sight unseen' was any good. No interview. No vetting of teaching ability. If you want to know how desperate Veritas Prep is, and how this scam artist hires its instructors, click here to read about Veritas Prep Scamfest in which 3 GMAT instructors have described their 'interview experience' with this fraudster Veritas Prep GMAT.

Do not fall victim to the dishonest lies and fraudulent claims made by Veritas Prep. Know that Chad Troutwine cares more about movies than about GMAT as exemplified by his living 2500 miles apart from his abandoned spouse Sylvia Park Troutwine chasing "Corporate ambulances" in New York City. To know the fraudulent nature of Veritas Prep GMAT scamathon, check out Ripoff Report directory.

Veritas Prep Fraud exposed

"I taught Veritas Prep course in Bangalore, India but was hired without any interviews and even though I had not taken the actual GMAT. Chad Troutwine who spoke to me on Skype from his LA office told me that I should not disclose to anyone that I had not taken the GMAT and should pretend that I had scored 99th percentile scores. I was given a video by local affiliate and told to view it and then was ready to go. I then left for Australia to pursue my Master's degree and tried to teach GMAT in Sydney. But Veritas prep had another instructor in Sydney who had not taken the GMAT either but is still teaching the courses for Veritas Prep. Veritas Prep is a total fraud. I would warn you against picking Veritas Prep GMAT course. -- Inder"

Chad Troutwine fraud


Do you know that Chad Troutwine was a tutor for Kaplan GMAT and was fired because he had the worst student evaluation? That must be a record, Chad Troutwine, to be fired by Kaplan Testprep that runs the least effective GMAT courses anywhere. Know the facts about Chad Troutwine & Markus Moberg, the crooks behind Veritas Prep scams and fraudulent claims.

Veritas Prep fraud scams exposed

Veritas Prep LLC Fraud Scams exposed here. Chad Troutwine Scams. Markus Moberg fraud exposed. Eric Bahn BTG Testprep llc aka beatthegmat

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